Fealdan Shawl

#4 Dorothea


So I bought the Manos Del Uruguay fino mini skein kit a while ago and have been attempting to start this project at various points, but it hasn’t really happened until now. But boy is it a go-er…

The pattern is made up of lots of short row shaping to create mini triangles that build up into a shawl. I can get a triangle or more worked up over lunch, so progress is really swift, and as this is entirely garter stitch, it works up a dream.

The mini skein kit comes with a free pattern for the Fealdan Shawl by Kate Groop, and you combine your kit colours with a normal size skein of an additional colour. I already had some New Zealand yarn which was a similar weight and texture, so have combined it with this. Plus the chocolatey tones really set off these pops of colour. This dark brown wool is also tonal and a mix of NW Merino and Possum, so is as soft and warm as the Manos yarn (which also contains 30% silk)- overall a really scrumptious combination 🙂


Plus, I could wax lyrical about how much I love this company- a women’s co-operative in Uraguay that keeps traditional skills, sustainability and integrity for women at it’s heart. This is a great knit and yarn producer to get into!


Getting the Craft Studio up and running…

This has been a fairly slow process (as has the rest of our renovation to be honest!), and is only starting to look like where we want it to be. This is an upstairs room in our house that was previously a bedroom- so yes, we now have nowhere for friends to come and stay with us :/ – but is somewhere that I think is really important to who we are and what we want to be doing in the day-to-day.

So this had been stripped back to bare floorboards and walls painted white back when we moved in. This was the pre-carpeted downstairs and no proper wood chopping system in place days, so we made this our own bedroom just to be close to the chimney from our Rayburn in the kitchen below!