A candle in the dark

What a difference a month makes! We are still busy getting products listed and designs formalised, while experimenting with materials and checking in on the close network of suppliers, many of which are small farms and family run businesses that we have found to get materials from.

It is the smaller and simpler things that are making me smile at the moment, and I actually really cherish the return to slower living this pandemic has forced upon us. Candles, journals and knitting have all become central to my routine, and I am dipping into all of our product ranges to make sure I am well stocked. Make sure you check out our listings, as I am updating them everyday, and if there is something you are really in need of, drop me a line to see if I have it coming up or could put something together for you.

I now volunteer a couple of days a week at a London based hospital, the Whittington, and the staff there are working beyond expectations and round the clock, so we have set up an Amazon gift list of items they have told us that really make a difference to them. Often they are staying at the hospital 24/7 and not getting a chance to shop themselves, so these everyday essentials can really turnaround a touch day and shift.

I won’t say much more about the difficult stuff at the moment, but leave you with some images taken from times when we are a little more free to roam around these hills in the Chilterns!

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